Sunday, 7 October 2012


She sat on the bench alone. She's not like the rest of other girls, she eats pizza while others eat glitter, she drinks coffee and cola while others drink acid. she doesn't know what makes her different. Every girl in her school didn't want to make friends with her, every boy ignored her, and the world seemed to hate her as much as those people did.

"why are you so ugly?" asked a girl who had just approached the bench where she was sitting.
"i'm not! i'm beautiful. mom told me so!" she cried, as she ran away to the janitor room.

*knock! knock!*
"it's already late, sweetie. You shouldn't be here"the teacher said.
"but i don't want to be mocked anymore"the girl replied.
"it's okay. they all have gone home"her teacher tried to calm her down. and then the girl walked out of the janitor room. the shadow that covered her before has gone. the light was on.

"why are you so ..." before her teacher could finnish her question, the girl answered "i have adipose cancer and i can't get through a day without being injected with some hormones or else i can be dead. and those hormones make me fat. You couldn't even see my face, could you? i wish they didn't see me as a monster, i wish i wasn't considered as ugly, different, handicap, or whatsoever"

and then the teacher, after she heard the sob story of the girl, stabbed her in the heart to release her pain because the teacher is a really nice person she's like an angel and she's idiotic.


Saturday, 6 October 2012


On a hilltop at sunset, they danced one last time. High clouds burned crimson and chromium, and she sang to him:
o this is the guillotine, and this is the knife
this is for murder, this is for life
He whirled her like a dervish, spinning her about and about, watching her dark hair mask her face like a funeral veil.
so come, hangman, tie up your noose
my lover is here, waiting for you
He dipped her low, kissed her carmine lips, then lifted her into the sky. She laughed with delight, and he couldn't remember the last time she'd sounded so happy.
we dance on the hill, we prance through the heath
we eat, drink and are merry, till we're all out of breath
And the music ended, and the first stars appeared in the eastern firmament. He bowed to her, both of them dripping sweat from their hair. Her smile was inscrutable.
"It's time, isn't it," he said.
"It is," she said. "Time to wake up."
He woke, and the bed was empty, and once more he was a widower.
He put on his ring and faced the day.

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